Albu Legal Law Office was once again proud partner of the White-Collar Crime National Conference, spring/ summer edition, organized by Editura Universul Juridic, Asociatia Romana de Drept Penal al Afacerilor and Revista Romana de Drept Penal al Afacerilor.


Our colleague Gabriel Albu, Founding Attorney at Albu Legal, has discussed a very interesting topic: Business Judgment Rule, which is essentially the “bible” of criteria established for analyzing the way managers make business decisions. However, in his opinion, this rule has never really been properly discussed in criminal case law.


“According to this rule, a manager can make decisions in contexts that could be incomplete or risky sometimes. The rule implies that managers will not make optimal decisions all the time. They can even be money losing decisions. Not all decisions prove to be profitable in the end. On the other hand, as long as we meet the criteria established by this rule – about the reasonableness of a decision made in a given context (which obviously requires analysis of the given context) – then a manager is absolved of liability”, explains Gabriel Albu.


At the conference, prestigious specialists have discussed topics such as white-collar crime and corporate criminal liability, as well as current issues in the field of business criminal law. White-Collar Crime National Conference has brought together, along time, the most important personalities from this area of ​​practice.

Thanks kindly for the invitation and for the opportunity to debate this topic, mostly ignored in criminal case law. The panel can be seen here: